Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The Visage of Heaven

To describe the visage of Heaven,
I would first need to describe my perfect woman.
You're body is a well shaped shell which excites the very attraction,
longing for a taste.
Something that can easily satisfy my very sense of the word pleasure,
yet something that cannot quench my hunger.
Something that can never cease to stun my nerves.
The way your body moves hypnotises me into desires that sends my imagination into a frenzy.
Your veneer is, to me, like staring directly into the gates of Heaven,
where your complexion is carved by angels,
Eyes which although appear dark,
bore under my skin and ease my fragile and broken soul into the warm sensation,
given by your affection,
your kiss which will simply expel all the horrid and dark demons,
which dwell in my mind.
My love greatly extends to you as an exorcist from my demons.
The cure named love which epitomises every aspect of your body,
and the personality within enhances your external qualities,
which give you even more credit to which your valuable modesty,
limits the sins of self indulgence.
Every aspect of your demeanour changes my insanity,
chaos and ill repute into a humbled gentleman,
who will happily be your seigneur to govern you,
when you need guidance,
and to bow to your very will when summoned.
You affect me greatly as only the divine should.
My love,
My hope,
My Goddess,
My saviour.

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