Friday, 3 February 2012

The sisters of a distant land

Far across the deepest pond,
a nation where I feel I belong,
The nation where my heart tears beyond,
lies the deepest connection,
thicker than blood,
softer than water,
stronger than God.

Across thy heartland lies the people I crave,
two girls,
my sisters,
from meeting to grave,
their looks may not resemble mine,
but their souls entwine,
with thine,
The support they offer is pure to provide,
The gratitude holds near and in my heart they reside.

Their beauty is a path which gives me pride to behold,
and a light to give me the warmth,
needed to shelter thee from the cold,
the distance and time are far and not always here,
when I'm dark and alone,
in my heart you're always near,
when the evil hath engulf me,
a time where I scream,
from the cold and the dark,
thou art always there to save me,
shelter me,
and in some cases,
guide me.

When I'm lost,
and off the path,
when the moment vague,
and the problem I entomb,
the light from your heart hath guide me,
you voice, as one,
takes me home.

The rose petal I give to thee

By life as a dangerous venture,
it is however the excursion I implore,
for the experience and the bonds we tether and fail to ignore,
I can grant thee a rose petal in faith and sincerity,
as the flower over time falls and withers into disrepair and disability.
This Rose petal I grant is from time now depraved,
it's meaning on my heart string forever I hath now engraved.

A Rose petal granted to remember a time once forgotten,
the loss of a chance where the memory hath become downtrodden,
this Rose petal I give to thee is to salvage the flower of chance,
on the stroke of midnight this Rose petal,
as friends, I can salvage with comfort the opportune moment for dance,
I will write this in task while my mind is benign,
to show I did not forget when thy sanity declines.

Potential, this Rose petal, is a time to forget the deluded,
when this petal is planted to replace the flower once uprooted,
do with this flower to a soul to which you feel,
my time came at a cost but with this flower give it to whom you will,
give this flower without regret but with repentance and creed,
give to thee the understanding of a life without greed,
with these words I hope to fill your fibre,
this Rose petal I give to thee awash from the sins of our previous favour.
The flower that lost is about to fly free,
this Rose petal I give to thee.