Tuesday, 21 August 2012

When I see you

I live a day of limitless wonder,
With you standing by my side,
with this chance I cannot blunder,
To you my soul is tied.

I give my heart, my mind, my body,
My love for you to see,
Let my words be embraced to thee,
For honour and for glory.

I provide my faith and spirit,
And pledge my warmth to you,
To warm you when you're frozen,
To keep you from the blue.

Your smile is always with me,
At every night and day,
I pledge undying loyalty,
To you so far away.

When we part,
I can't but help to run and chase,
To run and try to find you,
To gain my loves embrace.

Alone I watch my mirror,
You're always standing near,
To reflect upon my demons,
You take away my fear.

When it's time to visit,
And when you look at me,
Reality replaces spirit,
And attention turns to thee.

I give my waking hours,
To please until you leave,
Why think of sudden departures,
And create what we believe.

I lay and embrace you,
As a moon would kiss the night,
Whilst all the stars are watching,
Our minds behold the light.

We behold the gods of old,
From Minerva to Epona,
I have to speak so bold,
Like gods we last forever.

At night the bed is humble,
With time to stay astride, 
With each day I grow to miss you,
I hold and stay beside.

The love I feel grows,
When we lay to rest,
Together we stay close,
With your head upon my chest.

You gaze into my eyes,
With temptation complete with charm,
Placed yourself upon me,
Our love remaining calm.

Excitement fills my mind,
I cannot let you be,
Our hearts synced in euphoria,
With passion complete with ecstasy.

After time where we're empowered,
Our hunger begins to tire,
Insatiable our thirst,
We gaze and further admire.

We sleep and dream again,
Our hearts becoming one,
A new day springs from dawning,
Many stars becoming one.


Time to reveal to those who are blind,
not in anger but paid in kind,
life is hard and unforgiving,
half of me chained in a place where I ought not to be living.

Faith is hard to keep intact,
when only half, a lie, is a scene to act,
chained is the half where time is for song,
released is the world where I surely don't belong.

A mind constrained where half is locked without a key,
pleased with the thoughts I give to thee,
I hath some problems say it ain't so,
a world where sadness is to be left alone.

A life without care is one of sadness and grief,
meetings with others now are impromptu and brief,
days are short and half is hidden in sleeves,
left to rot with the falling of autumn leaves.

Half is where I live as a lover of men,
left hidden in the dark with the evil condemned,
why not all appear with a liberated compassion?
A lover to all whose tears cannot reach heaven.

The other half rises with the soaring of the moon,
where darkness overtakes and sight becomes entombed,
I look to each new day with the rising of the sun,
I look with new hope and these chains be undone.

I tire at the struggle where I yearn to break free,
emancipation with a flag to drape over me,
I look to all with compassion and liberty,
rising with my soul to the standards of nobility.
I plead to you with a rallying call,
to help me for without thee, I fall.