Sunday, 15 January 2012

The darkness that hath engulfed me

The red which take my vision,
the blood that boils without passion,
the scream that awakens the process,
the anger that burns with distress.

The tide of fury cast far out to storm in,
As an invasion of an army chasing the spoils if they win,
this evil takes me taking all in my path,
the chance of victory for my foes, thou not hath.

Whilst in that state thine mind is volatile,
the voice charges me with mayhem all the while,
whispering lingers numbing my brain , how dull,
the forked tongue acting and scratching my inner skull.

The speed that it grants is swift and unmatched,
and agility that allows me to be hard to catch,
for such a power you would think I abuse with glee,
the paradox is absurd as this power abuseth thee.

I have no recollection and the vaguest of aftermaths,
when jeers turn to tears,
my memory slashed in half,
How do I calm?
How do I stop?
How do I enchant my recovery?
I merely hope and pray.

Behold my silent England

My England, a land of kings,
it's crown is there for the world to see,
a people most populous in a marriage of nations,
an identity lost through political degradation.
Behold the others with a voice strong to protect their cause and reason,
The largest of all, silent, silent with no protection, an act of treason,
upholding the others with coin and taxation,
No voice of our own to make our objections,
a Kingdom united is the most desirable force,
a kingdom now fractured, our cries go unheard.
As if through unproven crimes, to death our identity,
as St George slain the dragon, then to cut off his head,
our eccentricities in tatters, our dream put to bed,
We watch in horror as others preside over our issue,
This madness must end and federalism we must invoke,
for our kingdom to remain united, a parliament for St George and for King Arthur,
we must provoke.