Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Ode to Joy

Joy, a simple human pleasure,
Daughter of the one divine,
God's one closely guarded treasure,
A placement on the holy shrine,
Created from the sparks of thunder,
A magic born from bursts of light,
We as brothers join in wonder,
Our wings ablin from restless flight.

Luck with those of favour's fortune,
To have another as a friend,
More to have a love's affection,
Jubilation among all men,
A mark of life on the very soul,
A beam of light has struck the earth,
Heat beneath the darkest coals,
Relieves the cold around the hearth.

Joy, a drink to all life's creatures,
Upon the first of nature's bloom,
A toast to all life's ornate features,
Followed down a rose clad coombe,
A tender kiss from her pure lips,
And a friend forever until death,
A gift of wine from which we sip,
A closeness to feel her subtle breath.

Joyful, as our sun still flies,
Across our maker's bold design,
We run our race among the skies,
Nature upon her beaut sublime,
Even down with Earth's hellhaftlings,
Joyful smiles are seen to gleam,
Redemption upon those cursed things,
Joy will enhance the living dream.

Joy, a symbol of devotion,
Happiness through song and less,
Simple love and fond emotions,
soothing like your child's caress,
E'en a friend may be your brother,
A firm bond not bound by blood,
E'en a sister, or your mother,
Brings silence to the deafening thud.

Joy is yet still but one word,
One to state what's been always there,
Attraction between common people,
Common bonds that we all share,
Upon the tallest of all mountains,
Peace brought with the strongest Dove,
Over seas of clouds we're certain,
Nothing compares between the soul and love.