Friday, 6 July 2012

The girl behind the wall.

Our time apart brings us down,
from the cheers and the laughter to the deepest frown,
the lack of our touch keeps our persona in the deepest remorse,
yet our words alone is a love that we enforce,
like a hand of the divine you lift my spirit when I fall,
the distance so far but it feels like you're on the other side of the wall,
so close I can feel every heart beat,
I hope you can hear every whisper,
through the wall that obstructs our meet.

The last time we met was impromptu and brief,
that moment of laughter can't hide the briefness of grief,
even the short time we've known each other brought us close,
our absence of sight leaves my feelings morose,
when the moment is appropriate I have a chance to serenade her,
every time I find her she is my crusader,
a bond is the strongest weapon to which only a true power can wield,
with her support and knowing with her grace I can act and shield.

At times between would stand the brutish wall of thorns,
yet at times of forgiveness where a mistake is mended,
with the rise of a new dawn,
beneath, an obstacle where a star becomes an eclipse,
I never fear the coming darkness and to which you disappear,
I can greet thee where light will hallow as the harmonic whisper from your lips.  

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