Friday, 20 July 2012

A weightless dream

The picture is dark yet the frame is stirring,
my heavy eyes shutting and my vision, blurring,
as matter disappears which was there before,
into the state of the imagination I stay evermore.

Colours appear incoherent and in waves,
as streams of rainbows fill the darkness of the deepest caves,
Slowly building walls of complex haze,
deeper still into a hypnotic daze.

My soul troubled with the day to day carries on into the night,
from rest into being carried by angels who have taken flight,
a symphony in the background relieves me into euphoria,
as if an ancient text reminded a modern memoria,

The winged beings drop me and I'm no longer tethered,
gravity is non-existent as I float in the breeze similar to a feather,
floating on the back of a waters caress,
looking upwards towards the stars address,

Pearls in the sky so bright and round,
I wish to join them and off the ground,
I begin to fly upwards with eagerness and haste,
my desire for eternity quickens my pace,
my shape and form has changed to match those in the skies,
I've become one with the stars and match ones brightest eyes.

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