Saturday, 8 March 2014

The road to Tsardom.

In light of the Russian intervention within the Crimea. I have to notice and write about the utter hypocrisy of the Western world and how I am ashamed to reside here.

Ukraine in trouble and turmoil,
protestations and riots thus embroil,
Kiev in northern flames aside,
and southern bears of Russian tongue reside,
Whilst they worry - the Russian proper awakens,
and armies gather on the border adjacent.

Putin leads as champion of the east,
as Alpha of all of Russia's beasts,
unorthodox methods for motherland rejoice,
orthodox God for Ukraine and cower by choice,
Half of Ukraine bow before might,
half plead wrongful for western insight.

He does this for his people protect,
compared to western arrogance and western neglect,
the Russian bear draws sword and sharpens his teeth,
while in the west we delight at hypocrisy's feast,
Putin's goals and noble aims,
makes us seem foolish compared to our oil games.

John Kerry America's malcontent,
under hypocrisy's firmament,
his policies are highly inappropriate,
a betrayal of reason and Logic's Iscariot,
They have no reason - who are they to invade?
Remember Iraq, Afghanistan? Logic Betrayed!

President Putin your title defames,
character dwarfs political aims,
taking Ukraine with ease,
crown thine-self and do as you please,
thine infamy has spread from near to far,
Take away the pressure and name thine-self Tsar!

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