Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Fire and Fury

Shall the end be the void?
And the realm in darkness?
Shall our freedoms be destroyed?
A nations worth be less?

It has only just begun,
our binds have just been set,
the curse has just been sung,
now a group of leaders pet.

Being told what to do,
force fed to us our dinner,
some words without a clue,
Rage brought unto a simmer.

Repressed to us our passion,
forced unto a blight,
our expressions mostly ashen,
must we resort to fight?

Must we need one culture,
brothers bound by chains,
told we must mature,
thoughts that must be slain.

Brothers forced together,
forced against their will,
each without their freedom,
one an urge to kill.

Oppression of a people,
laws we can't abide,
we're without our say,
when fire and fury collide.

When brothers are in rage,
in their pain they shall unite,
to destroy the words and page,
to bring about their rights,

A vision of fury in every heart,
with flames that make them stumble,
revolution turned to the finest art,
flames that make a building crumble.

The leader is a martyr,
with his freedom as his soldiers,
as the crumbled turns to ash,
a new path we choose to sculpture,

From the fires and the ash,
we choose our new lives,
a Phoenix born from death,
the beauty begins to thrive,

Nations of cooperation,
of alliance, wealth and trade,
all to answer to each others calls,
all our debts repaid.

Out of war and violence,
a utopia shall be born,
our freedoms shall be recompensed,
a new pedestal without scorn.

Together but apart,
it's better off this way,
to the roles we now can act,
the paths we like to play.

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