Friday, 3 February 2012

The rose petal I give to thee

By life as a dangerous venture,
it is however the excursion I implore,
for the experience and the bonds we tether and fail to ignore,
I can grant thee a rose petal in faith and sincerity,
as the flower over time falls and withers into disrepair and disability.
This Rose petal I grant is from time now depraved,
it's meaning on my heart string forever I hath now engraved.

A Rose petal granted to remember a time once forgotten,
the loss of a chance where the memory hath become downtrodden,
this Rose petal I give to thee is to salvage the flower of chance,
on the stroke of midnight this Rose petal,
as friends, I can salvage with comfort the opportune moment for dance,
I will write this in task while my mind is benign,
to show I did not forget when thy sanity declines.

Potential, this Rose petal, is a time to forget the deluded,
when this petal is planted to replace the flower once uprooted,
do with this flower to a soul to which you feel,
my time came at a cost but with this flower give it to whom you will,
give this flower without regret but with repentance and creed,
give to thee the understanding of a life without greed,
with these words I hope to fill your fibre,
this Rose petal I give to thee awash from the sins of our previous favour.
The flower that lost is about to fly free,
this Rose petal I give to thee.

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